It could be you!

This is your chance to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary projects you’ve poured your heart into, applaud the dedication of your exceptional team and volunteers or celebrate the incredible achievements of your business. 

With 17 categories to choose from, there’s an opportunity for all areas of this captivating sector that we love.  

Make history by becoming a Museums + Heritage Award winner and celebrate with us in a dazzling new location next May. 

open to enter 1 november

The Museums + Heritage Awards celebrate the very best in the world of museums, galleries, and cultural and heritage visitor attractions.

We believe that excellence knows no boundaries, and talent is limitless, regardless of where it comes from. We’re on a mission to celebrate the rich tapestry of experiences and the multitude of voices that make up our sector. 

The Awards are open to all museums, galleries, archives, and cultural and heritage organisations, both digital and in-person. We welcome and encourage entries from everyone; from individuals and organisations that connect objects, stories and spaces with audiences and people, as well as the individuals, companies and organisations which support their work. 

Each entry is judged on its own merit and the shortlist frequently features brilliant examples of low-cost, creative projects. There’s a chance for everyone but, as the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it!

We are reviewing the categories and all related criteria in preparation for the launch of the 2024 round, which will be open for entries on Friday 1 November 2023.



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Our Judges

Our independent judges are selected for their extensive experience across the sector. They value museum and heritage activity of all kinds, for all people. They seek to reward well-informed and effective public benefit outcomes, rooted in long term preservation and analysis of material culture.

Our judges look for entries which are delivered robustly, accurately and honestly, without fear or favour.

Preparing to enter

Whilst the Awards aren’t open for entries until 1 November 2023, you can start your planning by checking out the How To Enter guide which also includes FAQs and Terms & Conditions.  We hope it answers many of your questions but are always happy to help with specifics, just ping us an email.

“Being recognised at the Museum + Heritage Awards was completely unexpected as we were a new and small organisation. It was a massive confidence boost and it has opened lots of doors for us.”